Baptist Youth Fellowship

The Baptist Youth Fellowship (BYF) is open to the youth of the Church and community who range in age from 12-19 years. The BYF meets on 2nd and 4th Wedsnesdays of the month.

Advisory Council

BYF Advisory Council

The Advisory Council is headed by the BYF Director, and is comprised of members of the Church between the ages of 25 and above, who have volunteered to serve in a decision capacity along with the Director. The Council oversees all BYF activities, encourages parental participation, initiates supportive and spiritual follow-up with our youth and seeks to be a liaison between the youth and other church auxiliaries. In addition, each council member is assigned to one of the following committees to ensure continuity and consistency with the implementation of BYF activities:

  1. Ministry
    • To provide career planning and counseling assistance to young people in the Church needing career development assistance.
    • To develop a resource base for those young people seeking summer and year ’round employment.
    • To provide financial counseling to college bound students.
    • To share employment resources with the Church body.
  2. Worship
    • To assist youth in developing basic skills for public speaking.
    • To assist  youth in understanding the dynamics and importance of Church worship.
    • To help youth learn to worship God in spirit and in truth.
    • To assist the youth in adequate preparation for District Association and State Convention activities.
  3. Discipleship
    • To provide tutoring services on an as needed basis.
    • To promote Bible Study throughout the BYF.
    • To promote educational opportunities within the Church, District, Community, etc.
  4. Fellowship
    • To educate youth about the meaning of Christian fellowship.
    • To assist the youth in learning how to fellowship in a Christian manner.
    • To organize and implement activities for fellowship.
    • To encourage all youth to engage and participate in Christian fellowship activities.
  5. Evangelism
    • To produce a general newsletter of BYF activities.
    • To provide communication to the Church, Denominational bodies and Community of youth activities, accomplishments, acheivements, general information and projected activities.
    • To seek to engage young people on the S.W.A.T. team.
    • To help young people learn how to share their faith.