R.E.A.L. Ministry

The REAL (Relevant, Enlightening, Authentic, Liberating) Ministry, (formerly BRIDGE) endeavors to reclaim the definition of real. No one was more ‘real’ than Jesus the Christ, so what we do in His name and by His power should reflect His realness.

Relevant – Matthew 4:4; 2 Timothy 3:16-17
All of God’s Word is applicable to every aspect of our lives. The greatest commandments in Scripture tell us to love God and love our neighbors as ourselves. Love is not natural to any of us since none of us was born righteous.

We need to learn how to love God and love our neighbors, and Scripture gives us those lessons and doctrine. We live by the Word of God, and all of what see in Scripture comes from Him for our growth in Him.

Enlightening – 1 John 1:7, Matthew 5:16
The Lord calls us to be agents of light who dispel darkness in the world. This is a spiritual calling that requires believers to be holy as God is holy so we draw sinners to Christ. Since light is not natural to us, Jesus gives us His light – His holiness and righteousness – to shine for others to see. The more we engage Him and channel His life through us, the greater our testimony in the world.

Authentic – John 17:17; Ephesians 4:25
Ministry that fails to be honest fails to be effective. The Lord expects us Christians to uphold truth in all circumstances, regardless of how inconvenient the truth may be. We are made more like Christ as we submit to the authority of His Word. The challenge for us is, are we willing to pursue sanctity at the expense of popularity.

Liberating – John 8:32
Living in truth frees us from the bondage of pride and wickedness. There is no shame whatsoever in a life obedient to the will of the Lord. While such a life will inevitably bring persecution from the ungodly, it is far better to trust in the Lord to fight those battles instead of hoping favor with man will stand up to God.

REAL Ministry has four primary facets: Bible study, worship, community presence and recreation.


Bible study for our group will center on Biblical perspectives on the various issues we face and endure everyday. There is no circumstance we encounter without any Scriptural reference point; that’s the definition of its relevance.

REAL Worship

This label does not imply any corporate worship at Lilydale is phony; it suggests the worship this group will encourage and lead will be different from what’s usual.

REAL Service

This will be the outreach component of this ministry. It is the tangible demonstration of Christian humility that brings His love into contact with humans at levels where their earthly needs exist.


This is the recreational aspect; we’ll plan events for Christians to enjoy laughter, merriment, relaxation and novel experiences together. Although the Lord does not forbid alcohol, we will not supply nor sponsor such beverages during activities in which we represent Lilydale. This will include short day trips, overnight excursions and outings in the evenings.